About Us

Deelicious ShoesOne more pair won’t hurt!

Deelicious Shoes is the brainchild of shoe addict, Stephanie Novell. Initially started in 2011 from her home with the idea of bringing fabulous shoes to local ladies in their own homes by way of “shoe parties”. Starting out with just three brands, Ruby Shoo, Iron Fist and Tipsy Feet, the parties soon became a hit with the local ladies and expansion happened quickly with new brands joining the line up. Five years on, the Deelicious collection has grown as has Stephanie’s own personal shoe collection!

Oh, and why the name Deelicious? Stephanie says “To me, walking into a shoe shop is like a child going into a sweet shop and being surrounded by so many delicious treats. It is a simple as that and I hope you get that same feeling when you see my hand-selected collections”

For information on how to book your own Deelicious Shoe Party click here or for details of events Stephanie and her collection will be attending click here

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